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Hello, world!
My name is Sanjar and I would like to tell about my experience of cooperating with George. Like many international MBA applicants, I felt that my essays, cornerstone of any application package, would benefit a lot, should a professional native speaker look at them carefully. It was especially important, given very strict word count being applied in majority of application forms, that every single word was used properly.

I did not feel comfortable asking colleagues to read my essays, so that in late February I decided to look for a professional. Luckily, I shortly found George's web-page. Having read stories of his best students, I sent my request to help me with proofreading of my essays. George replied very soon and showed himself not only a strong professional, but also a charming person. He went an extra mile and in addition to response to my primary request, he also asked me whether I would need any support with GMAT and TOEFL. Fortunately, I had already passed both tests, so that we could concentrate only on my essays.

Every essay is a very personal story and George helped me to crystallize my thinking in such a nice way that I felt absolutely comfortable sharing my deep feelings and plans with him. How does he do so? He asks questions, he asks lots of challenging questions. I met George after having reflected a lot about my goals, professional future and career vision, so that it was rather easy to respond his questions; however, it shows how George pays attention to the level of reflection of his students. I put my responses on paper and tried to shape my story. Afterwards, George read my essays and helped with grammar if he liked them. If he did not, he just sent back saying that it was not convincing or interesting story and that I should reflect further to make it live. It happened twice, but I think that the result exceeded my expectations at the end. He did not tell my story for me, but just helped to look at my life from another angle. Moreover, it was speed of his turnover that was really crucial to me. All in all, it took us a bit more than 2 weeks to finalize 13 short essays for IMD! I was writing very fast and George was reading them even quicker. In late March, I submitted my application.
After having been notified about forthcoming interview, I communicated to George again and we did very practical and interesting exercise. We simulated an interview and he was really tough interviewer! We did so twice and I felt that I was well prepared, since he asked so many difficult questions that I could hardly be more surprised or astonished afterwards, during the real interview.
It was a real pleasure and a very interesting practice of working with George. I did enjoy our cooperation. As said, he is very charming character and it is simply a pleasure talking to him. If I were about to go through the process one more time, I would have definitely worked with him again!