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The dates for the MBA Fair in the next couple of months can be found using the TOPMBA link below. If you are in any way interested in an MBA education you really should try to attend the Fair. There will be lots of like minded people there and lots of help and advice.  Use the TOPMBA link to register your interest.

I visited the Lawyer Acadamy in Kharkov, Ukraine and had a really enthusiastic welcome.  I spoke to a number of students who were interested in learning English. 
If you have any MBA news items to be posted please send them to me as soon as possible.

I took part in a presentation for Whaton Business School in Kiev recently. Another speaker was from an International Consulting Group. He told me that they were always looking for candidates with an MBA from a top 20 Business School who could speak both Russian and English, and that they would pay them more in Ukraine than they would pay them in London or New York