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I have always been confident that with time, I must get a western education. After participating in an exchange of students and visiting Harvard ten years ago, I did not even issue what and why, just a dream which over time developed into a goal.

In this article I would like to share the experiences in preparing to enter and describe a few personal observations, which I think will be useful for those just starting their way to the top schools. I tried to focus on those factors that are especially important for children from the former USSR, in particular from the Ukraine. I hope my experience will help you quickly and successfully reach a goal.

A couple words about me. At the beginning of my preparation I was29 years old and I served as head of the marketing department in one of the foreign companies involved in telecommunications. First of all, I learned how to pass exams and how to prepare for applying for MBA programs.

Because the GMAT is the primary requisite test, I looked through the resources that it is desirable to use for training. The site www.admissionsconsultants.com contains a list and brief reviews of recommended books.
Necessary books for self-training book which I recommend are on the site: www.amazon.com.
For more independent training refer to the library resources of Kiev Centre American Council (Melnikova Str, 63) www.americancouncilskyiv.org.ua / AlumniCenter

In Kiev, there is an opportunity to engage in courses to prepare for the GMAT. But for me, they proved quite insufficient. The main result of attending these courses was my acquaintance with people like myself interested in getting a western education. Most of us continued to prepare ourselves by the exchange of information, and the friendly support and assistance in the use of the resources for training.

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