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From Alexander
My first position as a managing director of a company I received in 2002 working in the representative office of Heitec AG in Kharkov, Ukraine. In 2004 I moved to Kontron and started a new sales office of Kontron in Kiev. In two years the company achieved its revenues and in 2005 I had initiated the establishment of a new magazine Automation world (www.aworld.com.ua), combining five main competitors on the market of industrial automation in Ukraine. The project was successful, and the magazine has already passed the point of self-repayment.
In 2006 we finished the building of a distribution network for our products and in 2007 started our own sales, created stock and logistic facilities. Talking with the president of the holding company Kontron I came to the decision that my future career growth is no longer possible without high-class business education. In 2007 I started preparation to join a business school. I started looking for companies which could support me in my trainings in TOEFL, GMAT, writing essays and the compilation of CVs. Surprisingly, only several companies knew about MBA qualification and only one of them provided preparation for tests. I spent 3 months and a significant amount of money attending the course and at the end received only 490 points for GMAT which is insufficient for high-class MBA. The same results was achieved by my classmates.
The main problem was that everyone in the class was from different background and education. I was disappointed and tried to continue my search by myself. I bought dozens of books and wrote numerous essays, however my results were quite low. In the Internet I found Zventa Agency and with the help of the head of the agency I established contact with the person who proposed my personal approach to the test and full preparation process. His name is George Hill. I spend one month studying with George. The results were marvellous. As a native speaker he was able not only to correct my mistakes and give an explanation for the problem, he was also able to convert my conversation by discussion and point me in the right direction to find the answers to my questions.
In one month I received 660 in GMAT and 97 in TOEFL. These scores were enough to apply to the top 10 MBA programs. My selection was Kellogg, Stanford, Harvard, Chicago and Wharton. The hardest part of the application began. Every day I send to George for correction 1 or 2 essays, I read his critical rewrite of the essays and send again. In 2 month I wrote more then 70 essays and most of them were changed several times. My strength was that after the 2 months of communication George knew every single information about myself and my character. He was able not only to correct the errors in speech and text but also to give an advice as fto the essays. This criticism was absolutely required and confident. After 2 months I applied to Wharton, Chicago, Kellogg and Stanford but I was too late for Harvard. On the 21st December 2007 I confirmed the offer from Wharton.

Link to Alex's Graduation Ceremony here