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Looking back over my MBA year I can only thank myself for taking the decision to go through this as it happened to be one of the greatest, most challenging and amazing experiences I have ever had. I was a CEO when I started to ask myself 'What was going to be next?' As I was pursuing a significant change, and a full time MBA looked like the best way to achieve it. 
First challenge one encounters on their MBA way is the right choice of School. In October 2008 I went to the MBA fair in Kiev. To be honest at that time I wasn't thinking about UK's Schools. Really wasn't ready for one year of rain full time. At that event I met George. Noble, with tenacious mind, reserved and fully trusted.  All of those prepossesses in George's favour immediately once you meet him. It was George who strongly recommended thinking again before totally rejecting the idea of taking MBA in GB and I am so grateful now for the advice. Finally besides IE Business School I was admitted to Bath University, Exeter, LSBF and Ashridge Business School which I finally chose. It should be mentioned that besides common tests like TOEFL or GMAT the essays represent a credible part of the application. Any School is interested in individualities first rather than just in impersonal tests' scores. And the essay is a real chance to demonstrate your brightness and uniqueness. Topics are challenging. You have to sound bright with good vocabulary, strong structure, and logical flow of the argument supported by indisputable evidence. These are what disclose and express your personality within just 500 words. To meet those requirements you really   need to be a perfect English speaker. I have always been amazed with how, by just touching George a little could tidy my flow of thoughts up and make them shine. He never changed the idea, quite the opposite. cutting off all unnecessary details he was extracting the essence making it clear and prominent. A little but very important tip: the essay is a significant part of a scholarship application as well. Here competition is even tougher. So, you have to be really brilliant at writing essays in order to be able to differentiate yourself from the other applicants.
Dear George! Thank you for advice, support and professional help. I am so happy with my choice of both the School and the country. By the way it wasn't raining as much as I expected, quite the opposite. There is a lot of sun shine in the UK as well as hospitality and pure British accent.