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The site shows information about successful students who I have helped in obtaining MBA places in top Schools such as Wharton, IE and IMD. I recently attended Wharton Business School in Philadelphia where I had the pleasure of seeing my friend Alexander graduate and get presented with his MBA degree. My experiences at Wharton were something I will always remember.

I started helping Alexander with both his English and his MBA applications two years ago. I have also successfully helped a student to gain a place at IE school in Spain, he has also now graduated. I successfully helped a student to be accepted by 3 English Business Schools, including getting a full scholarship from one of them. All these students were previous candidates of the Zventa Recruitment Agency, and the Agency had taken a great interest in their careers and seen all of them grow to CEOs before finally seeing them commence their MBA courses.  I recently worked with a student who I am delighted to say has just completed his MBA course by a top European Business School. I have attended the World MBA Fair and recommend anyone interested in obtaining an MBA to visit the Fair when it comes to your Country.

Interestingly 90% of the Wharton MBA students had received offers of a position before their course had even ended, such is the respect shown by companies to candidates who have undergone MBA education at a Top School.